Chase Elliott: “I told you all week last week that no one is safe"


Chase Elliott: “I told you all week last week that no one is safe"

Chase Elliott disappointed both himself and his fans after a poor performance in Darlington. Although the expectations were high, Elliott was the first out of the race. "Anytime you qualify (in the back), you kind of have your work cut out for you.

We had a difficult pit (stall) pick. We had a difficult position there and obviously, that starts with a poor qualifying effort and I take a lot of responsibility for that,” Elliott said for "I did think we had our work cut out for us just from that aspect but I was actually pretty pleased with how far we had driven up there.

We were kind of close to last (place) there at one point. I had a bad initial start. Between the cycle of (pit) stops and race runs, we were somewhere inside the top 15. I thought we had made up some decent ground there personally.

Obviously, there was a long ways to go in the race – I don’t even think it was dark yet”. Elliott is already focused on the next races. He is aware that now it is too late for everything and he only has to change things in the next races.

“There is absolutely nothing I can do about it. When you have a bad day and you fall out of the race, yeah, my hands are tied, and at that point, there’s nothing I can do other than just see where it shakes, and then on Monday just recognize where we are and the situation we’re in and go from there.

That’s really about it. You can sit there and study it and watch and this and that, but it’s not going to do you any good. You can’t do anything about it”.

Chase Elliott and his races

Chase is an experienced driver who is used to similar things.

New week - a new race, and so on. “Get prepared for the next week and wait seven days and try again,” he said. “This is definitely part of racing and we’ve been working together long enough to know stuff is going to happen, stuff you don’t want to happen and I hold myself to a standard where I don’t want mistakes like t this to transpire but unfortunately that’s not life.

The reality is mistakes will be made and you’re going to have tough days at the office. I’m just glad my office is driving race cars and turning left most of the time for a living. Just looking forward to another opportunity”.

Elliott was aware that this outcome was possible. “I told you all week last week that no one is safe. And I was including ourselves. I don’t think anybody is safe in any of the rounds. I thought that before Sunday, and I will continue to think that”. - Eliott concluded

Chase Elliott