Ryan Blaney: "Just not think about the negatives. Even though.."


Ryan Blaney: "Just not think about the negatives. Even though.."

Ryan Blaney was lucky in the last race and managed to secure a playoff even though it looked like he was far from it. Blaney was in a wreck, but managed to get out of the situation. He showed maturity and quality for the umpteenth time.

“We’re very fortunate. That’s for sure,” said Blaney for motorsport.com “It was not a good day getting going and getting (in a wreck) early (Lap 31). At that point our fate was not really in our hands.

All we could do is try to keep working on it and fix it to where we could make laps. Thankfully, we were able to get enough cars (passed) throughout the wrecks that we kind of just kept moving up and were able to get in”.

Through optimism, Blaney managed to stay in the race, find the right motive and succeed in his goal. “Really throughout the race when we got on our wreck so early, you try to stay optimistic. You know, you never know what can happen,” he said.

“Whether it’s a new winner or we can still try to beat (Truex) on points, you just try to stay optimistic and in the game. Just not think about the negatives. Even though it’s really easy to think about the negatives, you try not to.

Definitely a roller coaster of emotions, and luckily it ended on a high for our group”.

Austin Cindric

Austin Cindric could have won, but in the end he settled for third place. “I got hit by another race car going 190, 200 miles an hour.

I’m glad I saved it and glad I had a shot to come back through the field,” Cindric said. “He is racing for a playoff spot and I totally expected to get drove through. It was just a matter of time. I’m pretty bummed.

We had a shot to win today. We put ourselves in position. Not a scratch on it. Dang it”. Cindric is also a bit furious about the opportunity he had. “I knew I was a sitting duck. I felt like it was an Xfinity race again as the only Ford out there,” he said.

“Honestly, (David) Ragan saved me a little bit there and we were able to work with both (Rick Ware Racing) cars there to get back up through. One lap longer and I might have had a shot, I don’t know. It’s frustrating to be that close. You know it’s going to come down to when they’re going to take the run”.

Ryan Blaney