Tarso Marques is furious: The team is completely late with everything

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Tarso Marques is furious: The team is completely late with everything

Brazilian ex-Formula 1 driver Tarso Marques is waiting for his NASCAR debut. He is currently a member of the Stange Racing team, but his team is "completely late" with everything and the question is when they will be ready.

"The team is completely late with everything,” Marques told Motorsport.com. “I knew it was going to be hard, honestly I didn't think they were going to have things ready for July like they thought they were, and they're still a long way from being ready.

The idea was to do some races this year, to make the team work and for next year to try to do something more right”. However, he hopes that he will have the opportunity to race this year, even though the situation is very difficult.

“But I still hope to do one or two races this year. There is a negotiation for them to get a car from another team, already assembled, so that we can do these tests. Making the entire team viable, assembling a car from zero, is practically impossible this year or for this championship.

It's hard." Marques also talked about the option of racing in 2023, but that is not a realistic option considering the schedule. “Everything will depend on their situation, we already have a sponsor, they are set for next year, I have a serious problem with dates to do the entire season, there are races almost every weekend, it is difficult, but the negotiation is how many races I would do with them, because of the schedule, but the team will be ready for that.

I hope for this year yet,” he concluded.

Michael McDowell: It is disappointing

On the other hand, Michael McDowell failed to win the Watkins Glen (N.Y.) International, thus losing the playoff. “It is disappointing.

I don’t think we quite had enough for (Elliott) or (Larson). I tried to hold them off as long as I could, they just had a bit of pace on me,” McDowell said. “They were pushing me hard enough that I was getting wide and making mistakes.

I tried to make a move on that second-to-last restart there and got a pretty good run on (Larson) and went to the inside and it just didn’t work out. We got jammed up on the bottom and everyone was smashing into each other and we lost a couple of spots. That was pretty much it at that point”.