Alex Marquez: "Maybe this is also Honda's mindset, but .."

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Alex Marquez: "Maybe this is also Honda's mindset, but .."

Alex Marquez will leave the Honda team at the end of the season and sign a contract with Gresini Ducati. Although he is aware that he will leave the team at the end of the season, this does not change the fact that Marquez will give his best and help his team.

"I mean, the good thing is that Honda said before that that the bike has a problem, that they need to go through, that they need to improve in a good way," Marquez told "But then also they decided to change all the riders.

I'm a person that when things don't go in the right way, the best thing is to change everything – this is in my mindset. "Maybe this is also Honda's mindset, but they have a lot of work. I'm a professional rider and I have a contract until 31 December – or the last race, I don't know exactly.

"And I will be professional to that point, helping Honda, because they gave me the opportunity to go to MotoGP. "They know they have a lot of work and they have to change a lot of things to work and to be in the level of the European manufacturers, that made a really good step in the last four, five years."

Alex Marquez on 2020 and 2021 season

Even after joining the team in 2020, Marquez showed that he is a great rider. However, the progress he expected in 2021 did not happen. "In 2020, I had a really good end of the season and I was really happy in the team and everything," he added.

"Just, I mean they follow a way to approach. Maybe it's normal that a rookie's comments are maybe not the precise ones, or this. But I think it was the correct one I gave to them. "They followed another way or another idea, I will say, and the 21 bike was not the improvement that we expected and it was [different] for my riding style.

"So, in that point I started to struggle and we saw in 21 in the beginning we also struggled a lot. "Then, in the middle of 21 season we started to change a lot of things, as is normal, from 20. "But being in a satellite team it was not going really fast, those improvements.

So, it was not really easy for us to take and have all those improvements. "The official ones have that point, so it was normal that they made a really good step after Austria I think and we were more limited by the things that we have."