Andrea Dovizioso wants to retire: What I found is quite unique

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Andrea Dovizioso wants to retire: What I found is quite unique

Andrea Dovizioso revealed that he will retire in September this year. He had a lot of problems adjusting to the Yamaha and that was especially frustrating for him. It was not easy to function and compete in such a way. Especially the changes in the competition system and many other things had a great impact on him.

"I really didn't expect to find this characteristic of the bike, because I already had experience with the Yamaha," he told in an exclusive interview at Silverstone. "So, I didn't find a completely different bike.

"But the point is the championship changed, the rules changed, the bike changed, the competitors changed and what I found is quite unique. "And in this situation, we are living now in MotoGP, that characteristic is very extreme.

"Just in the way Fabio [Quartararo] is riding you can be that competitive. So, I didn't expect this extreme characteristic."


He believes that every rider can adapt to a new bike, but in a special way. The rider cannot change all the things in himself in order to achieve adaptation.

Andres emphasizes that it is difficult to compete with top riders. "To change completely your way to ride is impossible," he explained. "No one can do it. You can adapt a bit to the characteristics of the bike. "Every rider on the top level can adapt a bit, but they can't change completely the DNA of your way to ride, because it's too extreme the level – everybody is so fast.

"So, if you try to do a competitive riding style or way to approach the track like a competitor who is really good, you will never be good like him. "You can be close, but never be good. You are good in some areas, everybody has something good, so with some bikes you can use more that or less, but you can't completely change it." Lin Jarvis, Managing Director of Yamaha Motor Racing reacted to his decision “I want to start by saying that, of course, we are all sad that Andrea will be leaving the sport earlier than expected.

He is a big name in MotoGP, and he will be missed in the paddock. “We considered ourselves very lucky last year that he was available and willing to join our MotoGP programme when Franky switched to the Yamaha Factory Team thus creating the need for a replacement rider for the remainder of the 2021 season.

Andrea‘s great expertise, experience, and methodical nature were of great interest to Yamaha and the RNF team and the project was fixed to include the full 2022 season.