Fabio Quartaro: This is the main thing to not make our sport boring

“I don’t understand the penalty,” Mir said

by Sead Dedovic
Fabio Quartaro: This is the main thing to not make our sport boring

Fabio Quartararo was left furious with the Moto GP stewards as they fined him. He crashed while trying to overtake Alex Marquez and received a penalty after that. Fabio Quartaro had something to say: “I don’t want to say something about the previous crash because there was no penalty,” Quartararo said for motorsport.

“Of course, after the crash of Barcelona, that was massive, I understand they want to change a bit the rules that they need to be more aggressive. But I think we need to find a balance between irresponsible riding and a racing incident.

Of course, I know I crashed and Aleix could have made a better result. But I don’t see that as a penalty. But just [as] they need to find the balance between penalty and no penalty, this is the main thing to not make our sport boring”.

Joan Mir on the penalty

Suzuki's Joan Mir also cannot understand why Quartaro was punished. He compared his case to Jack Miller's “I don’t understand the penalty,” Mir said. “But after the race, I didn’t see the incident and I didn’t want to think so much about the incident, but when I saw what happened I couldn’t believe it, because Fabio was just trying to make an overtake, then, this is racing, he lost the front.

“He didn’t want to crash. What is the difference about what make Miller to myself in Portimao, what is the difference? “The difference is that Miller crashed, I crashed, Aleix didn’t crash, and they penalise Fabio and they don’t penalise Miller? “I cry for that action.

I say this action because this is the one in racing that I have. Every weekend there is one incident like this or more, probably. So I don’t understand this punishment”.
Aleix Espargaro understands Quartaro's anger.

“I’m fully agree with Fabio in the sense that he is not happy and he cannot understand the penalty,” Aleix Espargaro added. “We’ve seen different examples during this year in more aggressive [moves] than his and there was no penalty.

“If you give a penalty on that case and then you give a penalty to Fabio, I think Fabio would understand and carry on. “But all the riders in the safety commission are pushing for the same [thing], trying to make it equal for everybody because if one day you penalise and one day you don’t penalise it’s difficult for us to understand. “I think we will keep riding aggressively, we will keep doing our races”.