Jorge Lorenzo: "I don't believe they are wasting me as a test rider"

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Jorge Lorenzo: "I don't believe they are wasting me as a test rider"

Once great Jorge Lorenzo who was one of the best Moto GP racers has now got a new job at Yamaha. This time he won't be a racer, now he's a test rider. Yet many people have pointed the finger at him because they feel that not enough testing has been done.

Lorenzo believes that COVID is the reason why the testing did not take place and that the Yamaha team is completely ready "I want to believe, and I really believe, they tried their best to do as maximum tests as possible, but just the circumstances of COVID meant this couldn't happen," Lorenzo said when asked by if he felt he was being wasted by Yamaha "Of course, I believe without COVID we would have the 15 for 16 days we had planned to do.

"But no, I don't believe they are wasting, especially on purpose, me as a test rider because I think economically speaking [it is] the factory that spends more money on it [testing]. "So, It's not logical to think like that.

I really believe the circumstances of COVID didn't help the team to test more."

Bike testing

It was Lorenzo who was ready to test the new bikes but that didn’t happen. He is certainly dissatisfied with the fact that he has to ride a bike from 2019, although it was said that a new bike made in 2020 will appear.

However, he is aware of the fact that COVID has ruined the plans of many and that they will have to be patient if they want to achieve good results. It seems that Lorenzo is still optimistic throughout his career. "I spoke with Massimo [Meregalli, Yamaha team manager] some days ago, some weeks ago, and he said probably they will have the 2020 bike here," Lorenzo said on Tuesday in Portugal.

"I entered the box and they just had the 2019 bike and they told me they didn't have time to prepare the 2020 bike. "So, they were not ready to get it here. It's a pity not to have the same bike as the official bikes, but I guess they tried the maximum to get the new bikes here and they couldn't.

"So, we will need to manage with what we have." Jorge Lorenzo will be ready to face this situation as he has had so far and will do everything he can with the available materials he currently has. Yamaha remains to work as hard as before. And of course, optimism is necessary if they want to achieve good results