Marc Márquez is inspired by Rafael Nadal


Marc Márquez is inspired by Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is a source of inspiration for many athletes, and among these, there is also the MotoGP champion Marc Marquez. Marquez, just back from yet another shoulder surgery, explained: "Rafael Nadal is one of my role models, because he has overcome all the challenges that have presented themselves to him.

When everyone thought he was close to retiring, he came back stronger than before and won again I was very pleased to meet him during the Masters 1000 in Madrid. I am perfectly aware of how much he has suffered and I admire him very much.

Nobody believed he could win Roland Garros this year, but he did it." In a press conference after beating Cerundolo, Rafa expressed his feelings: "I raised my level in the important moments, which is very positive. I have to be humble and accept that I'm not in top form.

I will try to be ready for the challenge with Berankis in the second round. Every day I manage to survive, the chances that I start playing at a higher level increase."

Nadal in the first half of the season

Rafael Nadal was the great protagonist of the first half of the season.

The Spanish champion, absent from the fields for a long time last year, returned in style by putting the Australian Open on the bulletin board. In a tournament that had often been hostile to him in the past, the former world number 1 accomplished a feat destined to go down in history.

The Majorcan in fact recovered two sets of disadvantage in the final, finding the energy to destabilize Daniil Medvedev just when the Russian was one step away from the finish line. The 36-year-old Iberian won the first 20 games played in 2022, before returning to deal with injuries.

Thanks to a series of infiltrations and the help of Doctor Cotorro, Rafa has managed to conquer Roland Garros for the 14th time in his career. The 22-time Grand Slam champion didn't stop after a huge effort in Paris, nurturing the dream of winning his third Wimbledon title.

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