Aleix Espargaro after crash: I was very strong in that place. Fabio Quartaro knew it

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Aleix Espargaro after crash: I was very strong in that place. Fabio Quartaro knew it

Aleix Espargaro thinks he could have won at Assen MotoGP, but Quartaro crashed at one point and hit Espargaro off the track. Espargaro had something to say after the race: “That’s difficult to know because I think today, I was able to win and Fabio would finish second,” he said, as quoted by motorsport.

“This is five points, I recovered 13. If you think in [terms of the] championship it’s better, but I lose a victory. “I’m pretty sure I could have won today. I have just one victory in my career, so I would prefer to recover five points and have the victory [than recover 13].

“If you are not calm it’s impossible to do many laps half a second under the previous lap record. “I was aggressive, angry, super-angry because every time I saw my dash the lap times I was doing I was more angry because I knew it was impossible the others were doing their pace and I was catching.

“But at the same time, I was happy to be doing those lap times”.

Aleix Espargaro on Fabio Quartaro

Espargaro doesn’t seem to resent Quartaro after all, and thinks Fabio misjudged, but it’s all with the goal of success and self-belief.

“I was very strong in that place and Fabio knew it,” Espargaro added. “The reason why Fabio did that move is because his feeling with the bike is super-high, he’s able to close the lines a lot because he has a lot of feeling.

“He’s not a dirty rider, but his confidence is that high that he’s able to close the lines a lot. “But today I was also super-fast, so I closed the line like him and we collided. He said sorry to me because he did a big mistake judging this braking”.

Espargaro is pleased with the fairytale and the speed he has had, and he can certainly be optimistic about the next challenges. “Today I had nothing to lose, and I think I’m going to sound arrogant, but my pace today was a little bit better than the rest,” he said.

“So, when you are around half a second [faster] it’s a lot easier because it means you are doing something very different than the rest. “In the last chicane I was braking a lot later than everybody, in the last sector the speed I was able to carry was unbelievable. So, this is why it was quite easy for me”.