Francesco Bagnaia on impressions after the Assen race

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Francesco Bagnaia on impressions after the Assen race

Francesco Bagnaia won the pole position in Assen. What is interesting is that he finished the qualifications earlier, and he explained why. “Yeah, it’s the reason I stopped in the box, because I said ‘doing more than this is impossible for me’,” Bagnaia said, as quoted by motorsport.

“If someone overtakes me, it would be ok. But I’m very happy for this qualifying because this morning I was struggling a lot to be consistent and competitive. “Thanks to my team we did a good job and in FP4 we found a way to work that helped me a lot with racing tyres, and also for the time attack we are always so competitive.

“I’m very happy for that – but more for the step in front we did”. Quartaro had a tough fight with the competition but is happy with his result. Only the best is expected of him. “I’m getting used to fighting with the Italian bikes,” Quartararo said.

“Always in qualifying it’s more complicated than in the previous year to make great qualifyings. “I was really on the limit and the lap I did, I wanted to try the next lap that I knew was going to be a little bit worse.

But I’m so happy, I think the front row was the goal for today. “I think that moment was a little bit strange because it was not really a moment. I just slid and I lost my footing”.

Bagnaia on competition

Bagnaia is aware that the competition is great and that there are many drivers with whom he will race to the very end.

The Quartaro is one of the most dangerous, but so is Espargaro, as is Martin. We'll see in the end what Bagnaia can do. And we know he can do a lot. “For sure Fabio in this track is always so competitive,”- Bagnaia said.

“I would like to have a fight, but to the end of the race and not just the first two laps. “But I think other riders have done a great job today, like Aleix [Espargaro] and Jorge [Martin]. “I think it’s more difficult in this track to open a gap at the start, but we have demonstrated to be so competitive in the first laps already, and Fabio too.

So maybe it will be possible to open a gap”. An interesting race awaits us, full of excitement, and everyone is eager to prove themselves and win.