Jonathan Rea after Misano: I was getting frustrated

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Jonathan Rea after Misano: I was getting frustrated

Jonathan Rea is unhappy with the pace he had in the race in Misano. For the first time this year, he did not find himself on the podium, but it seems that he is not worried about that. "At the beginning it was okay [in the Superpole race] but as soon as the pace stepped up I couldn't really go with Toprak," he said for motorsport.

"He was on it. Really good rhythm. "I felt like I was riding and getting the maximum from the bike but it wasn't enough so I was getting frustrated because they were just going away. "In the long race I just settled into a rhythm that I thought was okay, I was really struggling with my entering the corner, lot of sliding and that was causing the front to chatter.

Although things have not gone well for them, he is already focused on the next challenge and expects a good result. "But no regrets, it was what it was. 2-3-4 for the weekend, got here in one piece with some points. But I think we maximised what we could do.

When I raced with Alvaro I didn't feel like I had anything for him to be honest. He is on a different level here. "But we can't forget we can go from an incredible weekend where my bike and package was the best to being shit here - it's not that case.

It's like this is how it is. "We struggled this weekend a little bit but I fully expected. In Donington we can make a step again and be back in the front."


He is not happy with Pirelli either, because they experimented.

Those things cost them "The Pirelli 'curveballed' this weekend with the amount of tyres we tested," he said. "I think it caught us out a little bit. There were so many variations on the grid between races. "I think we just needed time to understand the tyre options that Pirelli brought.

"We come in blind with three options for race tyre. It's tough to understand. When all the tyres have a good performance, what is the best one for each bike. "Hopefully in the future we will not have many options. I thought the championship sort of agreed for eco reasons we were going to cut down on tyre options and try to make it more green. But we have five options for rear slicks here, it's strange."