Brutal Moto GP accident in Catalonia: Reactions!

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Brutal Moto GP accident in Catalonia: Reactions!

Takaaki Nakagami had a terrible accident at the Catalalonia GP. He hit the back of Francesco Bagnaia’s bike, but Alex Rins also made contact with Nakagami and he too ended up on the floor. There are a lot of reactions from the world of Moto GP, and Zarco is one of those who reacted.

"We spoke about it in safety commission, and from Mugello Rins asked our opinion on the accident they had together," Zarco said for motorsport. "He wanted to have our opinion on what happened and we were almost all agreed in that case Nakagami didn't do any mistake in Mugello and we are kind of agreed with the stewards that they cannot penalise Nakagami in that case, even if we were also agreed that Nakagami can sometimes be quite aggressive when overtaking.

"But he was not doing a huge mistake [in Mugello]. But from today he totally lost all his credit that we gave to him during the safety commission, which is a pity for him. "I don't know what they're going to say, but overall he took out Rins and he has lost all his credit, which is a pity for him."

Fabio Quartaro reaction

One of the best drivers, Fabio Quartaro commented on the incident: "It was not a racing incident, because you don't attack that much," Quartararo commented.

"I don't know how it is possible that Pecco was second and Nakagami was far away, how he can arrive to touch his head on the wheel of Pecco. "It's not a racing incident. I think in the first laps we all need to be conscious that we are racing big bikes, that the weight is a minimum of 160 kilos and if you get hit by a bike like this you can pass away.

"And this is where the most dangerous place is for us, in the start, then after the first lap there is less risk." Jorge Martin was pretty furious about everything: "For me, it's not a racing incident. I think they should have penalised Nakagami already in Mugello, because he wasn't penalised and now he thinks he can do anything," Martin said.

"So, now he does it again and if they don't penalise him, he will do the same in the next race. "So, it's dangerous for the rest. He broke Alex Rins' wrist, he risked also something important for himself, which was his head.

"They need to work out a system that helps the security of the riders, and for sure without penalising him is not the way."