Ducati’s Francesco Bagnaia shocked by Aprilia’s speed

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Ducati’s Francesco Bagnaia shocked by Aprilia’s speed

Ducati’s Francesco Bagnaia was a bit shocked after Aprilia showed great speed in Friday practice.
“I was shocked at the start,” Bagnaia said for motorsport “But it was the first laps, and they already rode this year in this track with the street bike.

“So, it’s a little advantage but for sure Aprilia in a situation of low grip is very competitive. In traction, they [Aprilia] have really good traction. It’s something I already seen all year. “But in this track they can make more of a difference because for all the rest the grip is lower.

I really don’t know because I didn’t try. For sure it’s a characteristic of that bike. “Also, in Argentina the grip was low and they were fast. For sure, Aleix rides the Aprilia incredibly and Maverick is coming to riding it in the same way of Aleix.

So, it could be difficult to beat them in this track”. Espargaro is still wary of what awaits him.
“It’s very, very low grip – less than low grip,” Espargaro said. “I remember Barcelona was like Brno, now we no longer have Brno, Barcelona is the worst grip on the current calendar.

“So, you have to adapt to it. Unfortunately, on the rear everyone was on the same, we have the traction control so it’s very important to work on the electronics. But on the front I’m not feeling good because I cannot really abuse the good points of the bike.

“But overall I’m quite good. It’s just Friday, we have to be calm, but with the trend of this year and with the level of the grid, if you don’t start really good it’s difficult”.

Fabio Quartaro on Aprilia

Fabio Quartaro is also concerned about the speed of his bike, as Aprilia has shown quality and speed that many fear.

“We hope, because we know that we struggle without grip,” he said when asked if he was anticipating the track to rubber in more on Saturday, as quoted by motorsport “We know Aprilia with low grip they go super-fast.

But for us we struggle. “Even on the race pace I was doing six, seven tenths slower than Aleix. “On this track you can feel if you are going slow or not, and I feel slow but I feel like I could not go faster because Turns 3, 4, 9 you open the throttle and you spin. “I felt I was riding really good, but just super slow”.