Marc Marquez: I’m far from the title, I’m just realistic

“As much as I want to, we are not here to fight for the title."

by Sead Dedovic
Marc Marquez: I’m far from the title, I’m just realistic

Marc Marquez has no luck this season, and after all he seems to have lost his will and motivation. In addition to the accident he had, the results are bad, and he fails to show what has adorned him so far. Marquez himself is aware that this is not good, but he will have to work on some things, both his team and him.

"Before the season starts you work to get the title, then when the races start little by little the rivals put you where you are and what you can aim for,” Marquez said, as quoted by motorsport. “That's when you have to understand what you can aspire to.

I tried. “I had the eye injury and in these last three races in Austin, Portimao and Jerez I have seen that we are not ready to fight for the world championship. “As much as I want to, we are not here to fight for the title.

“You have to set realistic goals, you cannot consider winning a race when you are struggling to get into the top 10, it would be frustration after frustration. “We set realistic goals to have small motivations, like the fourth place in Jerez.

Was it celebrated, yes, because it was a very good realistic goal we had set ourselves and we achieved it. “We need to celebrate things to keep pushing, and hopefully we can celebrate victories in the future, but at the moment, we are not here to talk about anything”.

Marc Marquez on his result in qualifications

And in the qualifications he tried to give his maximum, he tried, he gave everything he could, but it was not enough. Failures will only disappoint him even more, and whether Marquez will be able to recover from all this is a question.

“Today I pushed, I tried to be there and that today our position was to be between eighth and 10th” he added. “With used tyres we were there, but when we mounted the new tyres we have not improved. We need to see if I can take advantage of the new tyre in FP3.

“We won't be in the top five, being in the top 10 would be a good result”. Everyone expects to see what they are used to from him. Marquez can do a lot, he has shown it many times, but he has a long period of work and effort ahead of him.

Marc Marquez