Fabio Quartaro: "I felt a little bit stupid because I..."

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Fabio Quartaro: "I felt a little bit stupid because I..."

Fabio Quartararo, the defending champion, had an accident in Jerez and blamed himself for it. He thinks he should have acted differently.
“Sore, I had a tough five minutes after the crash. “But let’s say the pain is getting lower and lower, but I couldn’t breathe in one moment.

“It was myself [that caused my injury]. It was not even the bike. We put something new on the fuel tank and when I jumped on it [I hurt myself]. “I felt a little bit stupid because I crashed and did nothing. “But when I took the bike and jumped on it [that’s what hurt].

So, maybe it was better to lie [and say] that it was the tyre – but I have to say I was stupid”.

Quartaro on his mistakes

However, Quartaro had a lot of mistakes in the race, and it was clear that he was not at his maximum, but no one doubts his qualities.

“Was nothing strange, just pushing and at the end with the wet patches I had one crash,” he added. “Then I had one moment I braked too late and with the medium front I felt super bad because I felt there was basically no support.

“I felt the tyre was moving a lot and I didn’t want to take any risk and try to turn and crash again. “So, I preferred to go straight and one moment I made a mistake shifting into fourth gear when I had to go to second”.

Quartaro is not the only one to have an accident, one of them is Marc Marquez. Fabio emphasized how strange this track can be, and that the focus must be on the maximum. We will see how he manages in the next races that await him.

“Normally here at Jerez on Friday it’s super tough, so I was quite surprised because normally every Friday from our side we go not so great and today we made a good step,” he said. “Even on FP2 there was some wet patches at Turn 8, and it’s not a good place to have them.

“So, I hope tomorrow even if it’s dry that someone really goes with something to dry it because to be honest it’s a place where it’s quite dangerous [to have a damp patch]. “The last corner it’s slow, but at Turn 8 you can have a big crash from the front or from the rear. So, it was a bit tricky”.