Iker Lecuona: This podium gives us more energy

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Iker Lecuona: This podium gives us more energy

Iker Lecuona seems to be reviving his career. As a Honda driver, Lecuona won the podium in Assen. “It's very important. I come from two years in MotoGP. I took a lot of experience but I struggled a lot and I couldn't enjoy myself on the bike.

I always struggled. Sometimes, yes, I could enjoy but normally [not]."- Lecuona said, as quoted by motorsport. "Lot of the media and also KTM didn't help or believe in me. And it was at this moment I arrived here in the Honda team.

“I feel the team believes in me, the factory believes in me. They give me everything and try to stay calm with me because I'm a rider, I like to push always. “They tried to calm me [down when I crashed]. I think this is important for me.

"During the weekend I had two crashes but I have all the Japanese crew, all the team [remaining] calm because I did a very good work [with my laptimes]." He added: ”Everybody tells me on social media that you're happy, on Instagram you look happy.

And I say, 'yeah I'm happy'”.

Lecuona on next races

Lecuona, however, does not want to be 'carried away' by this result, and believes that he still has a lot to do, but he has great confidence in his team, and he seems more ambitious than ever.

Lecuona will face tough races until the end, but he has shown that he can handle it. “I know if everybody stayed on track, my position is P5,” the Spaniard admitted. “But if one rider crashes I can take some profit, no? “On Friday night I talked with my manager.

My expectation was to fight for the podium or fight for P4. But after qualifying I was fully pissed off because I made some mistakes and the gap to Toprak was 1.6s. “This was more than one second so I was pissed off. But my manager said, ‘your objective here is to learn, improve the bike and fight next year’.

“So we will do it step-by-step. What I try to do is not easy but my objective is the same - finish in the top seven, top six. “If in one race I feel better and I finish on the podium, it's not bad. But it's true I need to stay calm because we need to develop the bike more.

“But for sure for the factory, for the team, for me, for everybody, this podium gives us more energy”.