Scott Redding: It felt like I was riding a f****** alligator


Scott Redding: It felt like I was riding a f****** alligator

Although Scott Redding finished 5th in Assen, he doesn't seem to be a big optimist, and he's not happy with the bike. Nothing just changed,” he said for motorsport. “The lap time was the same, more like within a couple of tenths.

I didn't have a better start, there was chaos in the first corner and I got lucky to come through. “Then there was a crash between Johnny and Toprak and the pace at the front, [after which] the [frontrunners] just rolled the throttle.

And I was like, ‘right, let me try to get to the back of them’. “I got on the back and I felt quite comfortable. I was able to come past Bassani, [Michael Ruben] Rinaldi, Alex [Lowes]. I was feeling quite good but literally 110%, I was wrestling it.

It felt like I was riding a f***ing alligator or something, it was shaking all the time. “Then with a few laps to go I got a small hole in the rear tyre on the right side, so I had no rear grip. I was tipping in and it was just coming around.

So I was like, I just want to finish. And then Alex passed me, then Bassani passed me. “I tried to be defensive but there was no grip coming in, no grip coming out. And that was kind of where I was left with."

Redding on BMW

He believes that BMW lags far behind others, and will obviously have to work on many things.

“We are too far,” the Briton admitted. “The gap was now closer than we've been [in the previous races] but I think I gained two seconds from the crash, more or less. “It's hard because it's a little bit everywhere [we are losing time].

And I'm giving everything, this is why it's hard for me. “Sometimes we lose too much, sometimes it is good. It's not always consistent, like with braking sometimes I go wide. “Qualifying is a big factor, the start is a big factor, the first lap is a big factor.

And then at the end it's the tyre. We struggle with the starts, all the BMWs go backwards off the start. So we need to improve this. “I need to improve qualifying because Baz was in an okay position on the grid. It's not the best but it's better.

Then we can see. I know I have the pace for top five, top six in this circuit. When we go to Estoril, who knows. I have to play it race by race and see”.