Fabio Quartaro on the impressions after the Portugal GP victory

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Fabio Quartaro on the impressions after the Portugal GP victory

Fabio Quartararo achieved victory at Moto GP Portugal and could not hide his emotions after the long-awaited victory. This will be a great relief for him, and now he will enter the rest of the season much more relaxed. Quartaro showed the form we expected from him, although he drove very badly so far, and many underestimated him before this race.

“It was quite a long time since I achieved the victory, I think it was in August at Silverstone,” Quartararo, said for motorsport. “But also the tough times that I had this year. It was a short time, four races, but when you win the championship you always want to fight again for the championship.

“For me it was tough to accept that I was happy to finish seventh in Austin because I improved a lot my race pace from the previous year [when I was second], we have not made a massive improvement on the bike, we know what is going on.

“So, of course, it’s tough for me to see the team applauding me for P7. In my mind P7 is not good, but I was happy. “But today to fight for the victory again was something special, something emotional because I have always said I will fight the same for P1, P5 or P10.

“And of course today it was much more fun, and that’s why I got that emotional”.


Quartaro has had big problems in the races so far, and he couldn't impose his pace. This time he is much better, and it seems that he had the speed he needed.

However, regardless of the victory, his team will have to work hard and create a bike with which Quartaro can reach a new title.
“Basically, I never the said the bike was not working,” he added. “The bike is working in a way that when it’s not working you don’t fight for this kind of position.

“It’s true the bike is missing a lot of top speed, but in this track I was feeling not bad with the top speed because in the last corner I was exiting super-fast and out of the hill I was trying to manage to get not a lot of wheelie and I was super strong there.

“I think the key point for me was the last sector and for me it was the consequence of at this track I felt much better. But nothing really changed”.