Danilo Petrucci: It’s so tough and after 10 years in MotoGP I was really tired

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Danilo Petrucci: It’s so tough and after 10 years in MotoGP I was really tired

Double MotoGP race winner Danilo Petrucci doesn't seem to have as much motivation to compete on short circuits. For now, the biggest focus is on this year, but it must be admitted that he is a top biker, and the day when he ends his career will be a sad day.

“I have to find my will to do it again, because [on Sunday at COTA] I went on the grid as commentator on MotoGP and I felt really, really good, I didn’t miss racing in MotoGP, fighting for that two tenths, three tenths,” Petrucci said when asked by Autosport in Austin what it meant to win again on circuits after his tough final year with KTM in MotoGP.

“It’s so tough and after 10 years in MotoGP I was really tired, but I think this year will be a process. “Maybe again I will find the will to come back to World Superbikes. “But let’s say, I want to focus on this year and maybe if I’m good I can stay here because I really like this place”.

Moto GP offer

Although he had offers from Moto GP to be a test rider, he did not regret accepting it and had some other ideas in his head. Still, he opted for America and seems to have made a good choice. He looks happy and content and obviously as ambitious as he used to be.

“I had the chance to go to World Superbikes, but last year was really tough in MotoGP,” he added. “In the middle part of the season in Barcelona, I was fighting with Valentino [Rossi]. I was able to pass him and two laps later I crashed.

“When I walked away from the gravel I said ‘maybe my time has arrived’. I got some offers to stay in MotoGP to be a test rider, a few opportunities to go in World Superbikes. “But no way, I wanted to change everything.

I came here to have fun, to be in a new country. “The environment is really good. I have much more talks with these guys [in the MotoGP paddock] than one year in MotoGP! “It’s really nice to be here, so for this reason I chose to come here”.

We will see if he will make any new decisions at the end of the season and if there is something else planned, but it is certain that we would like to watch him in the next few years, because Petrucci is a top driver.