Marquez: Michelin must improve, this can't happen again

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Marquez: Michelin must improve, this can't happen again

The Marc Marquez incident, in which he could have caused serious injuries, provoked a reaction around the world. It seemed that Marquez would have serious consequences, but fortunately, things seem to be fine for now. Many find the culprit in all this, and most believe that Michelin must have reacted much better in such matters.

Alex Marquez is one of those who decided to criticize Michelin “I think it’s something that they need to improve for the future, it’s something that cannot happen again,” Marquez said, as quoted by motorsport “To suddenly change a tyre allocation, I mean we were there [in Indonesia] for three days of testing because they [Michelin] asked for three days there to try the tyres.

We saw it was clear the tyres didn’t handle 27 laps, but for the future I think it will be interesting to not change the casing and all that and putting back a casing that for three years was not in the allocation."

Michelin and solution

Michelin had to find a solution, because most believe that such scenes could occur in the future if some things do not change.

“So, if the tyres cannot handle 27 laps, make the race shorter or make a flag-to-flag that we saw is also really nice from the past. But to change the allocation, I think it’s not really fair. “Not because we had a lot of problems, because maybe it will happen in another track where for us it will be incredible, fun and good, and for another factory not.

So, to be fair, we have to always have the same ones and try to find another solution. “We had some blisters in the rear, but we also had some blisters in the front in the test and they didn’t change the front [for the race].

The answer of Michelin is to just try to have a good image for them. In situations like this, no one wants to take the blame, because who wants to tarnish the reputation of their company? In all of this, Marc Marquez has suffered the most, and lately, he has been unable to regain his form.

Still, we hope for his speedy return. “But this is just business and it’s normal. Also Honda wants to have a good image, but it’s something they need also to see the problems that sometimes will happen. “It’s not always the fault of the teams, or we’ve put a wrong [tyre] pressure, or put something strange. Also, they need to see their problems to improve. If not, it will be impossible”.