Joan Mir does not see himself as a favorite for the Moto GP title

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Joan Mir does not see himself as a favorite for the Moto GP title

Joan Mir does not see herself as a potential Moto GP winner this year. Although he had good results this season during all races, he still believes that there are other favorites and that he is far from winning because he has not won in any race so far.

Whether this is part of Joan Mir’s tactics or these are honest words remains to be seen “Honestly, I don’t feel actually as a contender for the title at the moment because I haven’t won any races."

, as quoted by the race “I’m fully focused to win my first race, to start to win races, I think to win a championship you have to win races." “I think it’s important first of all to win a couple of races and then to think about the championship."

“It’s true that our consistency is so high and this is really good, but I miss some victories”.

Mir tested others

During the races, he carefully tested his players and analyzed their driving style and their bikes.

He thinks Yamaha and Suzuki are very similar, but he looked at other bikes and tried to see their flaws. Ultimately, he found that most bikes have flaws and that no one is so superior to others. To be honest, Mir looks very intelligent and wise and seems to have various tactics to come to victory.

Until then, we have to wait for new races and see what result he will achieve “In the last race, I was able to study a little bit the Yamaha of Fabio, also Pol [Espargaro on the KTM] and a couple of [other] bikes, because every one of us was really close on race pace,” Mir said.

“And in that point you can see in what areas you’re better, in what not. And I could see at the end of the race the lines Fabio was doing were really similar to mine, and looks like the Yamaha and the Suzuki are quite similar, and then I was able to see also the KTM, completely different lines, braking a bit probably harder and was a different line, more like the Ducati.

“In Misano I was able to see a little bit more these bikes, but I think we have a great package – we have some points that the bike is not working well, like everyone for sure has problems that the bike is struggling in some areas, but we have a bike that is really balanced at the moment”.