Ferrari supports the decision to remove Michael Masi

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Ferrari supports the decision to remove Michael Masi

The presentation of Ferrari's F1-75 car for this season was accompanied by great interest, but at the same time, the FIA's decision to remove Michael Masi from the position of race director arrived. Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto believes the Australian had to make unusual decisions under a lot of pressure and understands why the situation has become so complicated.

Ferrari unveiled its F1-75 at 14:00, and a few minutes later the FIA ​​decided to relieve Masi of his duties as race director. The Australian will take on a different role within the FIA, and his place will now be taken by Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas who will rotate in that position.

Inevitably, this announcement influenced the presentation of the new Ferrari, and Binotto was asked about it. The Ferrari chief was not surprised by the news, as the F1 Commission met on Monday, and the FIA ​​announced "structural changes"

"First of all, we have always been fully aware because we discussed this at the F1 Commission meeting this week, it is part of the World Council, it is no surprise to us. This has been fully discussed and analyzed with the rest of the teams, ”Binotto explained.

It is clear to the head of the Italian team that Masi was in a very complicated position and that he had a lot of pressure on his shoulders. For this reason, he finds it very difficult to draw conclusions about his successes or failures.

Matia Binotto supports Fia

"I think what happened in Abu Dhabi has been over-analyzed and debated for weeks. It is a socially complex issue and it is difficult to say what was done properly, what was wrong, what mistakes were made or not.

When you are in a position to make decisions, you are always under a lot of pressure at the moment of action, "he added. "It is difficult for Formula 1, teams and everyone who works in this very difficult environment because the pressure is extremely high.

Communication between the teams and the race director is difficult. This is not an obvious situation, it is difficult to make a decision, "he assures. However, Binotto gave his support to the new FIA president in his decision.

In addition, he reminded that it is necessary to trust the decisions made by this body for the benefit of sports. "We must have full confidence in the independence of Formula 1 and its ability to make the right decisions.

We can only support them, so as Ferrari we support the decisions of the new president. We will continue to work together to continue to improve the races, "concluded Binotto.