Jack Miller because of the accident in today's race

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Jack Miller because of  the accident in today's race

Ducati’s Jack Miller was quite furious during the race simulation when he crashed “Ready, no - but when are we ever ready?” he replied when asked if he felt ready for the Qatar season-opener on 6 March."- Miller said, as quoted by motorsport “I mean, the race is the race.

It’s completely different. I feel as ready as we can be to head there. “As you can tell by my face, it was pretty hot and a long day. “But anyway we got through what we needed to today. Unfortunately, I had a little crash on the first of my long runs, just putting the full tank.

“Most of the time the boys are just filling the tank up, so to get the full tank you need to take the fuel tank out and once we did that just the balance of the bike was a little bit off. He thinks the accident could have been avoided, but it all turned out well for him as he continued the race “I was struggling the first four or five laps and was struggling to hit my line.

“Eventually I went onto the dirty part of the track and went over. “So, that pissed me off a little bit because it was just one of those crashes that didn’t need to happen. “Fortunately enough, I was able to come back and get another bike, regroup and go back out again.

“That was important to me, just to get that race simulation under my belt”.

Miller on his team

Miller believes in his team because they are currently working hard and have serious plans which he also wishes to accomplish with them.

The season is long, there are many challenges, and each team will have to do their best to finally reach the desired position. The competition is huge, and it will be very tough "We have prepared the bike to race well in Qatar,” he said.

“Our pace and consistency was OK. “We decided to do the race simulation with the medium tyre. That was not the best option, but we were very constant in terms of pace. “We’re working a lot and still we need to work more.

“But, with only five days of testing, you need to try everything in less laps than normal. “But it’s OK like this. Finally, we found a compromise that I like, so I think in Qatar we will start well”. We’ll see how much Miller can do this season