Max Verstappen: "I deserved the title, I wasn't lucky!"

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Max Verstappen: "I deserved the title, I wasn't lucky!"

Max Verstappen doesn’t believe the controversy has ‘tainted’ his title and made him feel less deserving of winning the championship. The Red Bull driver sees himself as the fair winner of the 2021 season and believes the title should have been decided much earlier.

Controversial situations during a safety car at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix prompted the FIA ​​to open an investigation to analyze what happened and draw lessons for the future. New Formula One world champion Max Verstappen is convinced that no matter what conclusions are drawn, no one will be able to take away his title.

"There's nothing they can do," the Red Bull driver told Britain's The Guardian. Furthermore, Verstappen doesn’t think his title is worthless because of what happened in the last race. "Not at all.

I had a good season, and I think I really deserved it: I wasn't lucky either. People always remember the last race. But if you look at the whole season, the championship should have been decided much earlier, "he added.

The Dutchman touched on the famous last laps of the race in Abu Dhabi. In addition to the most important moment, the Red Bull driver had to deal with a leg spasm, which conditioned his attack and final defense.

Max Verstappen explains his situation

"What was in my head?" I said to myself: I have to overtake him.

There is only one option here. I won't finish second. I tried to be there from the restart." "Everything went well until I crossed the finish line and felt a cramp in my leg. It’s one of the most painful things because you go to the maximum for so long.

You feel the muscle contract and become like a tennis ball, ”he described. "Of course, adrenaline helps because if it happens to you while walking, you can't move. That is impossible. But there was no other option, I had to do it.

I held the pedal (gas) to the floor and felt my leg hurt more and more. " "Fortunately, there was a turn 5 and I started to overtake. I took my foot off the gas for three seconds. and after that you have two very long directions."

"In another, Lewis approached me and I felt my foot pound. I couldn’t control it because the muscle was cramping. My leg in the back sector was like this (he showed a twitching movement), ”concluded Max Verstappen. The 2021 season is truly something we will rarely have a chance to watch again. Impressive!