Cal Crutchlow described the bizarre accident

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Cal Crutchlow described the bizarre accident

Cal Crutchlow was due to return to the racetracks in September. The destination where he was supposed to drive was Spain, more precisely Barcelona. However, that did not happen. After the operation, Crutchow went for testing for COVID19.

A bizarre thing happened there that surprised many “I pushed the door through the office and the door had no resistance against it,” he said. “So, I sort of stumbled and fell out, but the step was really, really high and I fell over on my ankle."

, as quoted by motorsport “I heard the snap and I knew it was either a bone or something. I stood up and started to walk and noticed the ligaments were really damaged. “I went back to the car and called Dr [Xavier] Mir and he said ‘you must be joking?’ As you can imagine, they thought I was a lunatic, but I looked down at the ankle and honestly the size of it was like a gold ball.

“So, I have to go, they shoved a needle inside the joint and took away the blood, but it never went down. I spent the night with the ice unit on the ankle. Now the ankle is still swollen, it’s completely black but it’s not even a quarter of the size of what it was yesterday”.

Crutchlow doesn't give up

Although many accuse him and believe he should retire, Crutchlow does not share his opinion with others. He believes that the injuries have nothing to do with his body and his age and that it is just an accident that can happen to anyone.

It seems that despite his age, Crutchlow still believes that he can achieve a lot and that he does not want to give up racing. We will find out soon whether he will come out stronger from all this
“If you’re telling me ‘your body’s telling you to stop, retire, blah, blah, blah’… I don’t see it in that way.

I see that you get out what you put in. "At the moment maybe luck hasn’t been on my side, but hopefully it will turn around soon and I’ll continue to be fast. But what will be will be, that’s what I believe.

If I’m able to be competitive, then I will. "If I have the job I want next year, then I’ll have it. If I don’t, then so be it – that’s life”.