Red Bull sees Ferrari as a big threat this season

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Red Bull sees Ferrari as a big threat this season

Red Bull sporting director Jonathan Wheatley says Ferrari will be a big threat in the upcoming season marking the start of a new era of Formula 1, although he wants his team to win. The Italian team experienced the worst result in the last forty years in the 2020 season.

Ferrari, their SF1000 couldn’t match most of the cars, so they finished in 6th place in the constructors ’championship. The Maranello team returned to the top three last year. SF21 seemed much stronger and more powerful.

They were no longer the target of other drivers, as they were two years ago. Ferrari has further improved their car after the introduction of the new power unit, which helped them to be quite competitive on the routes. The team from Maranello made an additional step forward with this engine.

They finished the 2021 season in third place in the constructors' championship, and in this fight, they defeated McLaren, which has a Mercedes power unit under its chassis. The Sainz / Leclerc lineup was constant throughout the season, allowing the team to return to the top.

With the introduction of new rules coming into force this year, Ferrari wants to return to the very top of the grid. Last year was one of the ‘tests’ because the team practically stopped developing the car at an early stage because they turned to studying the new rules.

Sports director of Red Bull on predictions

The sports director of Red Bull is also aware of all this, and he thinks that it will be quite difficult to say which teams will lead in the next season due to the little data they have.

"It is very difficult to make predictions at this stage. You can gather a little information from other teams, but you don't know if they're telling you the truth or just trying to discourage you, ”Wheatley said in a podcast on The Jack Threlfall Show.

Nonetheless, Red Bull sporting director believes Ferrari could pose a threat by entering a new era because he knows their engine was very strong last year, and there’s a driving lineup. “The propulsion unit looked very strong to them at the end of last year.

They were obviously the third-fastest team, and they also have a great driving line-up, ”he explains. "It seems they did a great job. I think Ferrari will be a big question mark or probably a big threat this year, "said the sports director of the Austrian team.

Wheathley also added that they hope that under the new rules they will be the first to win the title again and thus defend Max Verstappen's title, although he would like the season to be very even. “My idea of ​​the perfect championship is that we win, of course, but I would love to have a fair boxing match from the first to the last race,” he assures.