Joan Mir: "I don't listen to the comments of those who know nothing about racing"

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Joan Mir: "I don't listen to the comments of those who know nothing about racing"

The 2020 season was his, in the 2021 season he did not defend the title, and volleys of criticism stood by his name after every race. Both the invited and the uninvited poured them, but Joan Mir doesn't mind. Joan Mir says that he has his own way of dealing with the criticism that comes to him.

Although he was on the podium six times during 2021, he was not constant and failed to defend the title. The most common comment is that Joan Mir recorded only one victory in two years. Joan Mir does not seem to be too touched by such comments and has clearly demarcated what he should focus on and what he should not "There are two ways to look at these things.

You have people who talk like that and know nothing about racing. You also have others who follow the races and who know something about motorcycling who have a different opinion. I listen to them, "Joan Mir said.
He also explained the year in which he won the title and believes that things could have been different "During 2020, I fought for the title and it used to be difficult to decide on the risk that might mean victory.

If I hadn't fought for the title, I would have certainly won many times." He himself is aware that he could have done much more, but he still believes that there is a lot of time ahead of him and that the best is yet to come.

Joan Mir on his progress and the future

"I have to admit that after the shown potential, I could have progressed more and had more victories. This year will be better. I am only 24 years old, my time is yet to come ", added the Suzuki driver.

Valentino Rossi drove until he was 42, but Mir says he can't imagine himself on the track in his forties. What we have to admit is that Joan Mir is still a top driver and that there is still a lot to show. Sometimes when you achieve your goal, you have too many expectations from the environment and that could be the reason why Joan Mir had a worse season than the previous one.

Pressure, lack of motivation, and many other factors play a role Next season he could be the old one again, especially if the comments move him and give him wings to reach the very top