Pol Espargaro doesn't want to be too optimistic before the start of the season

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Pol Espargaro doesn't want to be too optimistic before the start of the season

Honda has not had such a great season, and they are already trying to improve the car, which should be more competitive. However, Pol Espargaro does not want to be too optimistic, because he believes that other teams are working hard to improve their bikes.

“The bike is better, but it’s still too early to talk about how much it is better because first of all the thing is we need to put the bike on track together with the other bikes to see where we are,” he said, as quoted by motorsport “We are not the only ones playing this game, and we are not the only ones putting a new bike on the track.

“Everyone is doing the same and everyone is going to do a step up, so how good the bike is going to be we will see in a few days in Malaysia together with the other bikes.

Pol Espargaro : "We need to keep working on"

Pol Espargaro obviously doesn't want to reveal much, but he thinks his team will still have to work hard if they want to be competitive.

“It’s no sense saying the bike is much better if we are two tenths quicker and the rest are half a second quicker. “So, it’s something that we need to keep working on, and then we are going to see in the first races of the year – even if in the first races we are not on top, this doesn’t mean anything.

“The new bike takes time. Unluckily we have just five days of testing, which I think is enough, but if not it’s no panic. “We are going to have the chance to improve the bike having the four riders of the factory at full performance means the bike is going to be much better sooner”.

Some components have been improved, but other things need to be worked on, and Paul believes they need to be very fast ons the straights. “What we ask for, the grip was something important for all of us, but also we have seen in the past years the Ducati is super strong on the straights,” he added.

“It’s the key to overtake and the key to fight for the races. “So, if we want to do a good season this year, more Ducatis are going to be on the grid, so it means we need to be faster on the straights to try to fight with them to get positions back or even to defend them. “Everything is important, everything matters. The way is good but we need to remain calm”.