Toto Wolff meets with Bin Sulayem to ‘clear’ things up

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Toto Wolff meets with Bin Sulayem to ‘clear’ things up

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff is scheduled to meet with FIA President Ben Sulay to discuss developments from Abu Dhabi so that the final outcome around Lewis Hamilton is known. The British Daily Mail gave this information, and the German BILD referred to the same source, stating that a meeting between the Austrian and the new president of the FIA ​​is expected in a period of 48 hours (even today).

The reason for this is well known: the events of the last race of the 2021 season, which decided who will win the title between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Ever since taking office from Jean Todt on December 17, Ben Sulayem has gone directly into the aftermath of the events from the Yas Marina track five days earlier.

Investigations are currently underway into several final laps of the race and the highly controversial decisions made by FIA racing director Michael Masi. The actions taken by the Australian led to Red Bull driver Max Verstappen coming to his first title, while Lewis Hamilton remained deprived of something that would be a direct record eighth title.

Mercedes initially protested the race results, and while the judges dismissed their allegations of irregularity as they felt the race should have ended under a safety car, the team said they would further complain, but gave up.

Wolff and Hamilton

Wolff said he and Hamilton were "disappointed" by what happened in Abu Dhabi, while the seven-time world champion withdrew from social media. In addition, it is claimed that his future is in the air until the FIA ​​draws conclusions from its investigation, which will be made on March 18.

On the other hand, it was learned that Mercedes withdrew its appeal for the race in Abu Dhabi because they reached a 'quid pro quo' (service for service) agreement with the FIA and that they demanded that Masi and Tombazis no longer be on their positions next season.

Mercedes denies these allegations and says they withdrew the appeal after the FIA ​​assured them that the whole problem would be taken seriously and that appropriate measures would be taken.

However, it is believed that Lewis Hamilton's stay in Formula 1 does not depend on whether Masi is forced to resign. But Wolff has made it clear that "the right decisions and actions" must emerge from the report to ensure that the Abu Dhabi scenario, which has damaged Formula One's reputation, is not repeated.

For his first major decision in the role of FIA president, Mohhamed Ben Sulayem found himself under great pressure.