FIA set a date for the completion of the Abu Dhabi GP investigation

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FIA set a date for the completion of the Abu Dhabi GP investigation

The FIA ​​wants to complete a detailed analysis of the controversial events that took place in the final stages of the last race for the 2021 season from Abu Dhabi in early February. Recall, Lewis Hamilton dominated almost the entire race, but the incident of Nicholas Latifi in the 53rd lap caused a series of controversial decisions by Michael Masi, and this resulted in the victory of Max Verstappen.

Mercedes did not hesitate to file two protests after the race, and the FIA ​​rejected both. Later, although their initial intention was to take the case to court, they finally decided not to appeal and ‘agreed’ to a review with the FIA.

A formal investigation into this "detailed analysis" by the FIA ​​began on Monday, according to Britain's Sky Sports, and the investigation team will try to hear all those involved in the controversy, including Michael Masi, judges, drivers, and team representatives.

In addition, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, who was elected FIA president on December 17 as a replacement for Jean Todt, was personally involved in the issue.

FIA analysis

The FIA ​​is expected to draw conclusions on the outcome of the analysis by February 3, according to Sky Sports.

That way, the conclusion will be known before the start of the first pre-season tests - which begin on February 23 in Barcelona. Following this news, it has already been announced that seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is reportedly waiting to see what conclusion the FIA ​​will reach because the Mercedes driver is disappointed with the events in Formula 1.

The British driver has not appeared in the media for more than a month, and all this has fueled an avalanche of rumors that he no longer wants to race in the premier class. We have already announced that he is connected with a film about Formula 1.

On the other hand, the head of Mercedes stated that he hopes that Hamilton will gather strength to overcome the injustice he experienced in Abu Dhabi and that he will continue his career in Formula 1. It is difficult to change things, and the outcome is likely to be the same as it was in Abu Dhabi, but the Mercedes team still hope and believe that change can happen.

Lewis Hamilton plans to remain silent for a long time, but we can hardly imagine Formula 1 without him in the front rows. However, we will wait to see what the FIA will decide and whether things will change