Danilo Petrucci: "I managed to be better than Fernando Alonso"

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Danilo Petrucci: "I managed to be better than Fernando Alonso"

Italian motorcyclist Danilo Petrucci is currently competing in Dakar, and he says that a large number of his rivals from the Moto GP championship inquired about that adventure, as well as that Valentino Rossi is among them.

Both Italians said goodbye to the royal class at the end of last season but decided to continue their careers in different ways. The nine-time world champion has switched to four wheels and will compete in the GT car category, while Petrucci made his debut at the Dakar, and a challenge awaits him in the United States with Ducati.

The younger of the two Italians wrote new pages of history last week with a triumph on the fifth stage of the Dakar, making him the first former driver of the Moto GP championship to do so. Due to a malfunction, Petrucci quickly dropped out of the competition to win the toughest rally in the world, but he decided to continue driving in order to gain experience for next year.

"These days, a large number of drivers have asked me about Dakar. I also talked to Valentino, who asked me what everything looked like and I told him that I would like to see him behind the wheel of the Dakar and that I will be his co-driver."

"A driver like him could win, but I'm not sure if he would do it if I induce him." "Valentino doesn't really like the schedule on Dakar, but motorists start later, so we could do that," Petrucci said in an interview with GPOne.

Danilo Petrucci on F1 drivers

Danilo Petrucci also referred to the fact that he wrote new pages of history with a stage victory, as well as that many, did not succeed, including the two-time Formula 1 champion Fernando Alonso.

"Marc Coma is now the supervisor at Dakar, and he was Alonso's co-driver. Alonso was third on one stage of the Dakar, and when I reached the first podium I went to Coma and said that I succeeded the same as Alonso and that we are the same now, with the exception of a few titles and a few million euros in the bank account."

"In fact, I managed to be better then, so I took pictures with Jackie X, who was the winner in both Formula 1 and Dakar. He is a legend ", pointed out Danilo Petrucci Danilo Petrucci seems to have made a great decision and could be a legend in the new motorsport as well