Mick Schumacher gets the F1 car he wants!

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Mick Schumacher gets the F1 car he wants!

Mick Schumacher hopes to have a better car this season than last, which Haas did not develop at all during the season, and a big change in the technical regulations should help them. In 2021, for the first time since they entered Formula 1 in 2016, Haas finished last in the constructors' standings and did not win any points for the first time, and the team said on the eve of the beginning of 2021 that they do not plan to develop the car, because that brings them little time per lap, and consumed a lot of resources.

Two debutants Schumacher and Mazepin struggled to get out of the final starting lineup, and the German managed to get through to Q2 several times and beat his teammate in qualifying in all 20 sessions in which they both competed.

At the end of the season, Haas was only two to three tenths behind Schumacher several times behind the team at the back of the middle of the standings, which surprised team boss Gunther Steiner, and Mick Schumacher was praised by his compatriot and mentor Vettel who said he did a great job with the car he had.

The son of the seven-time world champion is pleased with his first F1 season and says he has high expectations from the new car. "The car looks very positive, from what I see and hear," Mick Schumacher told Autosport.

Mick Schumacher on his expectations

"That's why I have high expectations. I hope that these expectations will be met on the track. " “I am quite involved in the development of the new car, I just want to understand everything and see all the CAD models and more.

So there's a lot I want to analyze at the beginning of the season. " "It was great to work with the team at the factory, give my feedback and say what kind of car I would like." "This is the first time that the car will be made for me in some way, and not for everyone.

The car is specified according to our measurements and helmets so that everything will work in harmony. ” Haas had their best season in 2018 when they held fourth place in the constructors' standings for part of the season, but eventually lost the fight to Renault and finished fifth.

Mick Schumacher has already gained experience in the strongest competition, but if the car is not at least competitive again, he will hardly be able to achieve a better result.