Francesco Bagnaia impressed with the new bike for the 2022 season

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Francesco Bagnaia impressed with the new bike for the 2022 season

Francesco Bagnaia was close to the Moto GP title, but in the end, failed to reach it. Bagnaia often praised his bike, but it seems that the bike for 2022 will be even better because obviously Ducati tried to solve problems
“I think that Ducati has heard a lot from the riders, to me, to Jack, to [Johann] Zarco, to Martin, because I was asking for an easier bike because everyone is saying the Ducati is the easiest bike, the fastest bike, the better bike to use,” Bagnaia told's Tank Slappers podcast.

“But it’s something that I can’t understand because I’m not saying another bike is the best because I didn’t try it. “So, it’s very difficult to say something about the other bikes without trying it.

He currently feels great on the new version of the bike, but notes that there are still some weak points “But I was asking to have an easy bike to ride in a fast track with fast corners, because our bike is not so easy in that situation.

“But with the new fairing I started to feel a bit better but has also some weak points. So, I’m sure the engineers are working a lot on that thing

Francesco Bagnaia on positive things

However, there are many more positive things, and he seems to be very satisfied, which was also shown by his test race.

“But at the test in Jerez, our time with the new bike was incredible because I did it with a full fuel tank and also with medium tyres. “So, it was incredible and [as] was the new bike, and every time you start with a new bike you have to adapt on it.

Ducatti has the biggest goals for next season for Bagnaio and judging by the optimism that reigns in Francesco and the entire team, Ducatti will have a good chance to achieve the set goal, although the competition is getting stronger and stronger “I started well, I worked a lot all the two days and in the second day it was already ok, it was already raceable.

If the race was the day after, I was starting with that bike. “So, Ducati engineers have done an incredible job with next year’s bike and I’m sure that for [testing in] Malaysia we will find some new surprises for sure”.

There are many drivers in the race for the title, but Francesco Bagnaia will certainly do his best to find himself on the podium as champion