Zak Brown (McLaren CEO) expects three or four cars in the title race

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Zak Brown (McLaren CEO) expects three or four cars in the title race

McLaren CEO Zak Brown says he would be surprised if one team is dominant next year and believes the fight at the top of the standings will be more even than the last few seasons. The long-announced new technical rules are finally being introduced in 2022 after being postponed for one season due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the budget constraint, which has been in force since 2021, should lead to a more even balance of power.

Mercedes won its eighth consecutive design title this year, but after a big battle with Red Bull who won the driver’s title with Max Verstappen even though the two strongest teams were a class by themselves compared to the rest of the standings.

"I would be very surprised if next year is boring with new cars, I think we will have some winners and losers, but also some surprises," Zak Brown told Motorsport Week.

Zak Brown (McLaren CEO) on domination

"I would be surprised if there was some domination.

Maybe a team will be dominant for a shorter period of time, like Brawn when they discovered something in 2009. But I think with a budget constraint you can feel the tensions that teams are under. ” "I would be surprised if all the teams do not continue to get closer to each other.

My hopes for Abu Dhabi [the last race of the season] are that three or four cars will compete for the championship, I think that's the ultimate goal. " "I think this season has been spectacular and I hope the new car design and the aero package will be just part of the future."

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali believes that in the event that a team is stronger, in the beginning, other teams will quickly catch up. “Clearly, in a season with new rules and budget constraints, the differences between cars could initially be bigger than people might expect,” Stefano Domenicali said.

"But I'm equally confident that restrictions on the rules will lead to a faster reduction of those differences if they occur." Of course, most F1 fans want an equally exciting season just like this one, and to see more of a team in the race at the end of the season.

This is exactly what could happen, and of course, it will cause even greater interest in F1. We are aware, just like McLaren, that the previous seasons were not particularly exciting because Mercedes was too dominant over others.