Mick Schumacher: "I know what is expected of me in 2022"

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Mick Schumacher: "I know what is expected of me in 2022"

Mick Schumacher believes that his preparations for 2022 will be much more fluid than when he was preparing for his first season in Formula 1 because he knows what is expected of him in the upcoming season. The German came to the premier grid last year as a Formula 2 champion, and together with his teammate Nikita Mazepin, who also came from F2, the protagonists of last year’s old propositions were stuck at the bottom of the grid.

As this year marks the beginning of a new era with fundamental changes in propositions for the upcoming season, Schumacher believes the road ahead will be easier. "Well, I think the preparations will be different in terms of knowing what is expected of me and having a clearer view of what I need to do," said the Haas F1 Team driver.

"I think the preparations will be adjusted and changed. In what way, I can't tell you because I'll figure it out on the go. " "I don't think there is a clear and strict plan, but I think I need to be ready for the first year in this new car concept at this particular moment," he added.

Schumacher on his team

In his first season, Schumacher had an extremely reasonable relationship with the American team because the young German attracted the attention of the entire team with his working approach. He was the first to come to the garage, and the last to get out.

Because of this way, Mick explains that it has helped him progress in many different ways because he now knows all the people he works with which has helped him progress. "I believe we have become even closer. I just know everyone who is already doing well here, and I feel like we're all having a lot of fun, ”he explains.

"Honestly, I think it's all about sports: enjoying work. Everyone is here because they love the sport and have a passion for it. ” "I think it's something that has definitely helped me progress in so many different ways, but it has also made me progress as a person, so I hope next season will be an even bigger step forward."

It is obvious that Schumacher has a huge talent, but his results were not at the top level because his car was not competitive with the others. Moreover, he was perhaps the weakest. We'll see when Mick changes the team and shows his full capacity