Nico Rosberg believes the FIA needs to clarify the rules of the race

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Nico Rosberg believes the FIA needs to clarify the rules of the race

Nico Rosberg believes that the new head of the FIA ​​must work to make the rules of racing clearer and that the rules are more consistently enforced after a controversial season with a lot of dubious refereeing decisions.

The extremely exciting season ended with a controversial decision to restart behind the safety car, but the season was also marked by numerous decisions about racing-related incidents such as those in Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

In Brazil, Verstappen forced Hamilton to go off the track with late braking, for which he was not punished, and in Saudi Arabia, he was punished for a similar offense after cutting the first bend in a fight with Hamilton.

In the last race in Saudi Arabia, Verstappen braked late in the sixth turn of the first lap and forced Hamilton to go off the track, and the Briton cut the chicane and kept the lead even though almost everyone expected he would have to regain position.

After 12 years, the current president of the FIA, Jean Todt, has resigned from his position inherited by Mohamed Ben Sulay, and Rosberg believes that this is an opportunity for new changes.


“Great respect to Jean [Todt] for his career, but now with a new person there is a new opportunity because the sport has to thrive,” Rosberg told Sky Sports F1.

"It all starts with prestige, wheel-to-wheel fights because let's not forget that the race started with Max's overtaking of Lewis pushing him a little, and Lewis stayed on full gas and cut the bend and came back ahead."

"All experts expected Lewis to probably let Max overtake him, but they didn't ask him to." "The FIA ​​has to tighten all those rules so that we don't have that debate anymore. It would be better for the sport if it was much easier to understand.

” “Also for wheel-to-wheel fights, who is right and who is wrong, what needs to be done. A quick decision needs to be made and we move on. We have to get rid of all these discussions, that's important. " On the eve of this season, Rosberg was the last driver to beat Hamilton in the title race after beating him in the same car in 2016, and Verstappen prevented him from taking the record eighth title this year. This season has been one of the most controversial and the FIA will have to work on its rules in the future