Fiorio expects Ferrari innovations in 2022

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Fiorio expects Ferrari innovations in 2022

Former Ferrari sports director Cesare Fiorio says the Italian team is known for making some innovations that would help them make a surprise in the new era of Formula 1. The Italian team finished the 2021 season in third place in the constructors' championship.

Ferrari was looking to return to the top of the grid in the completed racing year because they experienced a big drop in 2020 - finishing in 6th place. This season, the team from Maranello managed to make a breakthrough among the top three teams.

The significance of this return is even greater, as it took them a short period to return, and along the way they beat McLaren who is in great progress. Ferrari struggled for the first part of the season on tracks that had long routes and were often the target of other cars.

However, after the installation of the new engine, things changed, so this team was constantly with Red Bull and Mercedes. Fiorio, who was Ferrari's sporting director between 1989 and 1991, admits that the Scuderia has laid a good foundation for a return to the top in the new era of Formula 1.

"In 2021, great progress was made, which shows the third place in the (championship) of constructors: it is a great achievement because except for Mercedes and Red Bull, everyone else was also very competitive," Fiorio told La Gazzetta dello Sport.


Cesare adds that the driving team of the Italian team is extremely competitive, but they must work on reducing incidental situations, which were too many. "The drivers are very good: Leclerc is deadly in one (fast) lap, and Carlos has a great racing pace.

I was not surprised. But they participated in a total of eight incidents with damage (cars), which was a handicap, "he explains. Leaving 2021 behind, Fiorio believes they have a chance in 2022, as he assures that Ferrari knows how to read propositions that will be key to good results.

He believes that his former team has a tradition in creating innovations that are superior to other teams. "Now the rules are changing, and as always, it is about maximizing the use of all zones. In the past, there were always those who came up with tricks, and they were always the designers of the best teams.

" "Ferrari has a tradition that should put it in a position to create something innovative and superior to what others will do. The progress shown between 2020 and 2021 gives hope, "Fiorio concluded.