Jack Miller feels nervous about the rookies

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Jack Miller feels nervous about the rookies

Lately, many young GP talents have emerged who have shown that they can do a lot and that they could become stars in the future. Ducati’s Jack Miller has been here for a long time, but he’s surprised by the amazing rookie performances.

Motorsport reporters were particularly interested in Miller’s opinion regarding Jorge Martin’s season “I think this bike [the Ducati] ain’t easy, by any stretch of the imagination,” Miller began, as quoted by motorsport “It’s got its characters and everything like that.

All the rookies make me nervous, really, because they just keep getting faster and faster and faster. “[Pecco] as a rookie, came in, topped the test in Malaysia. He says ‘I took time’, but that’s bullshit because he didn’t.

“And they just keep getting faster and faster. “Jorge did a fantastic job, missed a few races this year but has shown he's come in with the professionalism that maybe I was missing when I came in for sure.

“He’s really stepped up to the plate in that department and has done a fantastic job with his race craft. ‘It’s a lot of things that took me a very long time to learn and he’s a very complete rider.

“It makes me nervous, and Bastianini as well. When you get passed by a year-old bike, I know how [Andrea] Dovizioso and [Danilo] Petrucci must have felt when I did it to them and it ain’t a nice feeling that’s for certain.

“But it makes me more and more keen to improve myself because it’s amazing to see how well they’re doing at such a young age and how well they’re going to keep doing”.

Miller feels nervous

Miller is impressed with rookies but also nervous considering that he is aware of what kind of competition he has and how good they are at such a young age.

“I think he has done a good job this year – more than good,” the 2021 championship runner-up added. “Because starting as a rookie and already at the second race [scoring] a pole and a podium, winning in his first year in Austria, losing a lot of races with his incident in Portimao, I think he has done a really great season.

“So, I think he must be happy for what he did. He thinks that the bike was not the best, but that they did great and that they have a great future ahead of them. “For sure our bike is not the easiest one for a rookie, but from the start he was learning very quickly the things I didn’t [in my rookie year].

“This was the first year I felt so great with this bike. “Ok, also now our bike is more competitive, but it was also competitive last year and sometimes I was fast, but most of the time I was behind. “So, he was very competitive, but I think also Bastianini did an enormous job as a rookie”.