Casey Stoner believes it is time for a change in Moto GP

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Casey Stoner believes it is time for a change in Moto GP

Two-time world champion in motorcycling in the MotoGP category, Casey Stoner, talked about the changes he would make in the strongest motorcycle championship. The Australian is against the idea of ​​using so much electronics, and he also has a problem with the limits of the track that drivers are not allowed to cross.

Stoner believes that MotoGP needs to go back to some basic things in order to make racing better, because as he says, this is how MotoGP turns into Formula 1. On the other hand, he says that MotoGP costs are increasing. "I believe there are elements that should not exist.

It's not about security because those elements only increase costs. I wish the electronics were gone." Stoner is an old school driver and would love to make small changes that would still improve the overall impression "We need a step back.

I would like to see motorcycles slip, to see how they struggle to find grip in corners. These would not be too big changes, overtaking would be better because not everything would depend on the brakes." "Someone would mess up a bit on the way out of the curve and would be in trouble.

Adjusting the motorcycle would be more important," said Casey Stoner.

Corners and outside the track

He also presented an interesting view of the corners and the space outside the track. It is an increasingly common case that there is no more sand and grass next to the track, but that there are boundaries that stewards must then take good care of and punish drivers who touch them.

"Those borders are the worst thing that has happened to motorcycling. Grass and sand would be safer for the driver who goes off the track." "The race management must now monitor the boundaries of the track so that drivers do not gain an advantage by touching the forbidden area painted green."

"Drivers are now more aggressive when there is no grass because they know they can’t make anyone get off the track. Young drivers need the support of the race management and clearer decisions. "The surface painted green does not help," Stoner added.

In many questions, most will agree with Stoner, who has a big experience and who is a big name in the world of sports. The question is whether these changes will ever happen, because we see that Moto GP is introducing various changes to improve quality, but the question is whether every change is an improvement or a step back.