Iker Lecuona: "I don't want to go back to Moto GP"

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Iker Lecuona: "I don't want to go back to Moto GP"

Iker Lecuona will have to leave KTM after only 29 grand prix. He will be replaced by 21-year-old Raul Fernandez, who is one of the biggest talents in this sport. The next step in the career of this young driver will be WSBK Honda, and Lecouna is obviously happy with this outcome, and hopes for success in the new team and the new environment “I’m really happy.

I think I can give a new vision to the project,” Lecuona said. “Honda has taken two young riders, Vierge and me. “In my case I have two years experience in MotoGP, on a big bike, I went fast. So, jumping to a new bike, like a bike that is developing, the frame, the brakes, stuff like that, I think Honda chose the correct way.

To take young riders gives the energy. "Finally, I’m very happy, first because it’s a factory and a new project. And I push, for sure I work very hard to stay in front. “Both riders in the team are young and want to develop the bike fast and win races.

I think for Honda it’s really good”. - Lecuona said, as quoted by motorsport

Moto GP return

Apparently Lecuona has no intention of returning to Moto GP, and is currently focused on WSBK, but it should be taken into account that he is young and that there is a chance that he will change his mind in the near future.

“It’s difficult to say. For sure I’m very young. Now the guys coming to MotoGP [in 2022], two are more older than me and the other ones like me but with two years less experience,” he added. “So, I never say no, but if I’m honest I don’t think to go back.

Obviously, after all, he needed to find a new challenge and achieve the new goals he set for himself. This will be a new chapter in his career, and right now he has a chance to meet expectations and show everyone how good a driver he is and what success he can achieve.

“If I sign in this case for the official Honda team in World Superbikes it’s because for my mind I need to do a change, to change a little bit the objective, the goals during the year, to take the new challenge.

Take a lot of energy, take my energy to improve and to put in a new project”. We expect him to do well in the new chapter of his career and we wish him luck