Helmut Marko offered solutions for Ben Sulayem


Helmut Marko offered solutions for Ben Sulayem
Helmut Marko offered solutions for Ben Sulayem

Red Bull sports adviser Helmut Marko has called on new FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem to hire help for racing director Michael Masi, who is under pressure ahead of next Formula One season. Masi found himself on the firing line for making decisions and handling certain events during the 2021 season, especially in the last few races.

The focus was on his decisions during the final laps at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which ended the season. The Australian did not want the last race to end under a safety car, caused by Williams ’Nicholas Latifi in the 53rd lap of the race.

That period was taken advantage of by the new world champion as he immediately went for a fresh set of the softest available tire components on the Yas Marina Bay track. However, upon his return, Verstappen could not reach his previous (2nd) position because the directorate did not allow it.

Soon the decision was changed and the Dutchman came to his place together with a couple of cars. After the withdrawal of the SC, there was only one lap left until the end of the race, and the Red Bull driver used the opportunity to attack Hamilton and come to victory, which also meant the title.

Marko on new FIA president

Mercedes was very frustrated at this attitude of the racing director, so they filed two complaints. They were soon rejected, and the German team announced a few hours before the awards ceremony that they would not complain further.

With Ben Sulayem voted to succeed Jean Todt on Friday, Marko told the Gazzetta dello Sport: "The new FIA president will have to come up with a new system to help Masi, because he can't do it alone." Marko believes that there is a huge pressure on Masi shoulders and that obviously some things need to change if they want to prevent the events in Abu Dhabi.

Marko offered one of the solutions "At the moment, there is too much pressure on his shoulders. I think team managers and team bosses should no longer be able to talk to Masi via a direct line during the race, ”he added.

"In addition, the rules must be simplified. Too many decisions were made that were not satisfactory to either us or Mercedes. There must be more equality in the verdicts, "Marko concluded. We will see if Ben Sulayem will introduce some changes and change the rules in F1. He is also aware that he will have enormous pressure, but leading positions also carry responsibility

Helmut Marko