McLaren expects the teams to use ‘tricks’ in 2022

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McLaren expects the teams to use ‘tricks’ in 2022

McLaren technical chief James Key expects teams to serve with some "tricks" in the new regulations for 2022 - but not to the point of fooling the FIA. At the very least, it should provide an opportunity for some teams to potentially close the gap behind Mercedes and Red Bull, who were far ahead of the others in the just-concluded season.

For most of 2021, work was underway on the car for next year, as well as an attempt to maximize the performance of existing cars, and McLaren reportedly produced its first chassis for 2022 during December. McLaren's technical chief says the rules are very clearly defined, but that simulates innovation.

He is of the opinion that they will see different ideas, but that they will look at what other teams have done. "The rules are restrictively written, but it stimulates innovation," Key was quoted by Auto Motor und Sport.

"I expect to see different ideas. We will all look at what others have been doing. At the same time, everyone must first make sure that what is provided in the factory really gets on track. The correlation will be checked, "he explains.

"We will compare the strengths and weaknesses. I think that from 2023, teams will be closer to these regulations because big trends will be identified during 2022. "

Rear wings

In terms of specificity, Key views the front and rear wings as important areas, especially given the controversy that arose during 2021 when Mercedes and Red Bull pointed the finger at each other over the legality of their cars.

"Rear wing testing will be intensified," he continued. "One wing is coming back. You can certainly take advantage of that in some way. ” This applies to the lower rear wing above the diffuser. "The front wing is a big part.

But there are also strict guidelines around it. I think there will be some tricks that teams can play with, but nothing that you can easily use. The FIA ​​will look at it carefully. " Of course, as before, F1 teams have used various methods and means to achieve their goal, whether legally or illegally, but the measures are quite intensified and will not be easy for them in the coming seasons.

It is assumed that in the coming seasons, two names will be primarily in the game, namely Mercedes and Red Bull, which are absolutely dominant, and which will be difficult to stop on their way. We will see if Red Bull or possibly a third can once again stop the dominance of Mercedes and show their strength and power in the coming seasons.