Iker Lecuona is furious at KTM for not giving him enough time!

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Iker Lecuona is furious at KTM for not giving him enough time!

Iker Lecuona will have to leave KTM after only 29 grand prix. He will be replaced by 21-year-old Raul Fernandez, who is one of the biggest talents in this sport. Motosport reporters spoke with Lecuona and when asked if KTM's approach to jim was okay, he replied "If I'm honest, I think it's not correct."

- Lecuona said, as quoted by motorsport "I think it's not correct, because if you believe in one rider you believe in them for one, two, three, four years. You can believe in the rider, but you still need to give the rider this time, this window to adapt, to improve.

"With one year, if you say to the rider 'you need to be there' or you put pressure… everybody needs time to adapt. He believes that it was still necessary to give more time, but also that his bike was not competitive and good enough "And I think in this case, they wanted to take a very young rider and wanted them to go fast with a very difficult bike.

"It's not a Ducati, it's not a Yamaha bike. We worked during these two years, some races I could go fast, or KTM can go fast, but many races the four KTMs were the last ones. "And it's not because I am a better rider one week before or one week after, it's because this bike is very difficult to understand and is very difficult to work.

"If you don't give them the time, you cannot do nothing."

Competition and rookies

Lecuona believes that competition has never been harder, and that rookies will have big problems being on an equal footing with others.

"Now the level in MotoGP is very high," he added. "In a lot of tracks, we go very fast and many times I'm in P15 and I'm seven tenths [off the pace] in a MotoGP with six factories [competing]. "So, with completely different bikes we are in the same second.

So, the level is very high. "So, it's not because you are 15th that you go slow. You are seven tenths from the first one. The nuances decide, but that is exactly what makes this sport special "I think never we've had this in MotoGP.

If you check, I don't know, five years before, if you finished one second [back] you finished on the podium. "Right now if you stay one second [off the pace] you stay the last one on the grid."