Valentino Rossi has revealed his favorite rival

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Valentino Rossi has revealed his favorite rival

Valentino Rossi is probably the most famous name and the first association to mention Moto GP. He has achieved a lot of success in his career, and many Moto GP fans started following the sport because of him. Now, after 20 or more years, Rossi has decided to end his career and dedicate himself to some other things.

Rossi is aware of what he went through during his career, but motorsport reporters wondered who was his favorite rival “The rivalry in all the sport at the top level, maybe especially in MotoGP, is something that you don’t like a lot.

“But it’s fantastic for giving the maximum and for overtaking your limits and finding something inside that you don’t know that you had. Although many names have been rivals to Rossi throughout his career, he cited one name as his favorite, and that is Biaggi, with whom he obviously had a positive rivalry and there was almost no conflict “I had great, great rivalries in my career, and I enjoyed it a lot, especially the first part because I won more.

“The second part I lost more, but anyway I enjoyed it. I want to say [my favourite] with Biaggi, because it was two Italians. Also, in Italy it was a great movement around it. “But also with Stoner, Lorenzo, at the end with Marquez, and with all the guys in the last years I always enjoyed.

It’s something that after you remember it in a positive way, as something special”.


Motorsport reporters reminded him of his rival, Casey Stoner, who also respects Rossi just as much as he respects him.

And that, just like most of his rivalries, was healthy competition, which made Rossi just a better driver and one of the icons of this sport. “I raced together with Casey during all his career in MotoGP, because it was not very long because he arrived in 2006 and stopped in 2012,” he noted.

“It’s not a long time, but he demonstrated his incredible natural talent and already from the first year with the Honda he was very, very fast always. “So, I’m very happy to fight with him because he was one of the fastest and wildest MotoGP riders of history”.

After Rossi's departure, it will be difficult to imagine Moto GP, and look at it the same way. There is one big gap left, but it must be understood that one day the end must come. Now there are some new names, because of which the younger generations will enjoy the Moto GP