Brad Binder revealed his impressions for the 2021 season

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Brad Binder revealed his impressions for the 2021 season

Brad Binder was a nice surprise when in 2020 he started the season at Moto GP as a rookie. He showed that he has the quality and that he can do a lot, but his bike just wasn't good enough for some bigger goals. Binder had high expectations from 2021 but it turned out that the season was no better, and that his bike could not match other riders again.

However, Binder is optimistic and expects progress in the future, and that his team will work on the shortcomings they currently have. "This season has been a massive challenge," Binder began, as quoted by motorsport "We've had some ups and downs this season, but in general it's been a lot tougher than what we thought we'd have.

"The way we finished last season, we expected to come into this year feeling a lot more prepared and a lot more ready. "But the reality was we were just a tiny bit slower than we needed to be. "That really made life a lot more difficult going forward.

I think we've done the best job we could have and we're ready to make improvements."

Previous vs Current season

Motorsport reporters wondered if Binder considered this season as an extension of the previous one "In a way, I think so because not just new tracks.

"But if you look at it, I only really had six months on the MotoGP bike last year and it's not enough really. "I felt at the beginning of this season I wasn't riding as well as I wanted to and was still making a lot of mistakes, whereas the second half of the year – even though it's been a little bit more difficult – I feel my riding has been much better and I've always been bringing home the maximum possible on the day.

Binder is pleased with the whole team who worked hard throughout the season, and felt progress especially in the second half of the season, when they obviously fixed some shortcomings "So, I'm happy with the steps we've made.

"We had such big expectations for ourselves before arrived to Qatar, and as things fell short of our expectations it was difficult to really understand why and what's going on. "But I think we did a good job in the second half of this year in finding out where we need to improve, what our weak and what our strong points are."