Jonathan Rea has revealed his expectations next season

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Jonathan Rea has revealed his expectations next season

The arrival of Jonathan Rea in Kawasaki brought about a great change. Kawasaki became the dominant figure in Moto GP and won 5 titles in a row. Yet, as always, domination once had to stop. Yamaha finally showed them how much they can, and the phenomenal Toprak Razgatlioglu won a title that no one expected.

Kawasaki will obviously have to change some things if they want to be competitive next season, and their main link in that goal will be Jonathan Rea who is aware of his mistakes this season and from whom he has learned a lot.

“Of course the goal next year is the same, try to learn from my mistakes, and improve our bike," said the Ulsterman, as quoted by cricbuzz "We really need to improve our bike. Kawasaki needs to step up" Rea believes in his team and expects great progress next season.

The Kawasaki team will work hard on mistakes, and try to win the title “We know when it's working it's one of the most competitive bikes, we just need to polish our weak spots and we should again be there fighting.

“I enjoyed the fighting this year, with Scott [Redding], with Toprak and it was fun. I liked racing. So hopefully there will be many more battles like that in 2022”.

Acceleration and top speed

Apparently, Rea believes that the main problem is acceleration and top speed, which will have to be fixed next season.

This is what created the biggest problems for him, because of which he could not show his full potential. However, Jonathan expects progress in other segments, as it is obvious that Kawasaki lacked many other components, and that is why they missed the title.

“We need to improve our acceleration and top speed,” he said. “The circuits that we accelerate from first gear this year like Most and Navarra were so difficult, we would sometimes lose 0.3s in a straight line.

“That puts me in crisis a lot on the other [parts of the] lap trying to maintain the lap time. That's the main area of focus. “I think we have some [other] areas we can improve on the bike. From the engine point of view we are working really hard with engineers to test that in December, to evaluate.

Excited to get going and see how we can improve”. Looking at the experience that Rea has but also the knowledge, we can expect a much better season from him. He will have a difficult task, because Razgatlioglu has now gained confidence, but many other names could "ruin" the plans.