Paul Espargaro had bike problems at the start of the season

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Paul Espargaro had bike problems at the start of the season

Paul Espargaro made a decision that surprised many after he replaced KTM with Honda. However, things did not go well for him at the very beginning of the season and he had a difficult process of getting used to it. But, in the last part of the season, he improved a lot and achieved significantly better results.

"Basically, the experience in MotoGP is half of the way – it's super-important," Espargaro said, as quoted by motorsport "And especially when you are changing bikes, the level now in MotoGP is fantastic, it's super, super high.

"So, you have no time to say you are adapting, or you have no time to test, you have not so much testing now. "We went into the first race in Qatar not ready, actually, with a few a laps in Qatar [testing] and a few laps on the bike.

"So, definitely I was not ready. Then I needed to discover how to ride the bike during the race weekends, which is very, very difficult because you have all the pressure, you want to perform well, you have crashes, you have no time to work on the bike.

Middle of the season

However, after several tests from the middle of the season, he started to get used to the new bike and achieve much better results. Espargaro is sad that things could not go well from the beginning, but he is aware that this must have been the case.

"So, we needed to use the small tests as a very important test for us, and through the year these tests – especially from the middle of the year to the end – we really improved the bike, we really improved our set-up and I started to feel much better on the bike.

"Sure, if we could have this experience at the beginning of the year, like if the race in Portimao [the Algarve GP] was the first race, the year would have been much easier and different. He is satisfied with the end of the season and their fight, and it is certain that next season they will be competitors for the very top, given that Espargaro has adapted to the new bike "But in the end it is what it is, we can't go back in time.

We need to take it. "What was good is we ended with a pole position and a podium, we fought for top five positions in the last races and this is something great." Espargaro certainly expects a better next season in which he will be able to show his full potential