Maverick Vinales is still adjusting to the Aprilia bike

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Maverick Vinales is still adjusting to the Aprilia bike

Maverick Vinales, after the adventure he had in Yamaha, decided it was time to change the team. Apparently, Aprilia could offer him what he wanted, no matter what. Now it remains for him to adjust to the team, to understand what their goals are, and to try his best to help both himself and Aprilia.

He is aware that it takes time to understand all the things around the team, but given the quality, he has he will not have big problems. They are aware in Aprilia what kind of driver they got and how important it can be for them.

Now it is only necessary for them to show their full potential, and for the cooperation to be much better this time than it was the case. Apparently, the team did not focus on all things, but the biggest emphasis is on braking and it is clear that he wants to progress “Well, actually we don’t try anything specific,” he said of the test program, as quoted by motorsport “We just try to improve the feeling, especially on braking.

“It’s been an area that I’ve struggled on a lot, especially in races. “But here we make a big improvement, with the bike and the electronics.


He is satisfied with the situation in the team, but he will have to wait a while to develop his feeling.

The team helped him, and it seems that Aprilia and Vinales will be a winning combination. He added: "At the end, the objective is done for the test, so we are quite please about how the bike was working, especially on the brakes.

“Especially I was used to a bike with a different way of braking, so I just need to re-adapt. “The guys gave me a hand, especially on engine braking to make the bike smoother on entry and to brake more comfortably.

“So, that’s what we worked on here: more stability, more comfort and I can brake much later. So, fantastic.
Motorsport reporters wanted to know if it felt the same to ride a Yamaha and a new motorcycle “No, no, not yet," he explained.

"We need much more things, we need more laps, more tests. Not yet”. He also revealed what are the things he will have to work on “For us it’s the turning, it’s the area where we need to improve.

“But somehow we understand how we can create that turning, so we need to wait until Sepang to keep trying. “But it’s nice that we have a clear direction. So, I’m very happy about and very pleased about the test”.