Mike Leitner is no longer the technical director of the KTM team

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Mike Leitner is no longer the technical director of the KTM team

Mike Leitner is no longer the technical director of the KTM team, it was announced on Thursday. His place will be taken by Francesco Guidotti. Next season will be the sixth for KTM in the Moto GP championship, and the Austrian team announced the reconstruction before it starts.

It was announced on Thursday that Mike Leitner will no longer be the technical director, but that he will have a consulting role in the future. Leitner originally joined the team in 2015, when he helped form the KTM RC16 testing team.

At the end of 2016, he officially became an integral part of the Red Bull KTM team. Since 2017, he has been an important part of the organization. He showed how much he was of great help to his team, and how much he supported and helped in every sense There are many factors that affect a team, from drivers, management, fans, but what we start from is the set of people who lead that team and who make important decisions.

Mike was one of those who was just key in creating such a strong team. He achieved a lot of success with them, brought joy to the fans, and it is certain that he will remain in the fond memories of everyone. "Mike was a key figure in our mission to fight the best in the world.

Together we formed the structure of the Moto GP team, gathered the right staff and drivers, who achieved outstanding results."


The beginning, like everyone, was not easy at all. A team had to be created that would be competitive with other teams that already dominated the tracks.

However, the time has come for certain changes that will take this team in the right direction and make it even more competitive and stronger to match its rivals. "We started with a blank piece of paper, and thanks to it, we created a great team.

Now, after seven years, we have decided to reorganize our team. I can't express how grateful we are to Mike for the work he invested in this project ", said the first man of the team, Pete Byrer. According to foreign media, Guidotti will take over this position.

The Italian has extensive experience in the ‘royal class’ and has worked for Pramak for the previous nine seasons. In that role, he worked closely with Ducati. If he is as successful as his predecessor, no one will have anything against him. An interesting and difficult task awaits him