Chaz Davies felt “mental pressure” in his last race

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Chaz Davies felt “mental pressure” in his last race

Chaz Davies did not feel so well in Indonesia. In addition to the conditions being very bad, Davies had the pressure of "retirement" and was obviously not maximally focused on the race. "It's been a little bit of a crazy weekend," said Davies after Sunday's second race, as quoted by motorsport "Obviously we didn't get to race [on Saturday] and then this morning we got to do the first race.

I was quite happy with the way that it went, we were P8, having a good battle with [Alvaro] Bautista for P7. "The pace was quite good. I think on lap four or five I had the fastest lap. I mean, there's life in the retired old boy yet!

But then we brought it home, P8, very happy with that. The rain was a big problem that obviously bothered him a lot "And then we had the inclement conditions again this afternoon where it started giving us some curveballs.

I didn't feel brilliant in the rain, I think maybe the delay affected me a little bit mentally and I was not fully there. "[I was] not fully ready to trust how much grip there was because there was so much grip. I think that was the point, and exercising trust and knowing what I'm doing from this point onwards - retiring.

I think there was something in me saying, 'Just try and enjoy these 12 laps.' And here we are, that's it."


Like any end, this one is tough. Chaz remembered his beginnings and seems to be happy with his career, as he has achieved what he wanted "What makes me emotional is that when I think back at the hard times during my career when things have been really, really difficult, and to think how far we’ve come since those times," said the Welshman, who was a regular of the MotoGP paddock from 2002-06 in the lower classes.

In addition to the success he achieved, the people he worked with were very helpful, and without whom he certainly would not have had such a career. "I managed to make a solid career in the sport. When all's said and done, as it is now, I can be very happy with the way things have worked out, very fortunate."

"I had good people and good teams, good support around me at the right time. I'm Indebted to those people came along at the right times."